Monday , September 28 2020
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P&G’s Digital Vision + Open Innovation: Keys Behind their Success

Execs Club of Chicago - P&G CEO Bob McDonald

Over the last few months, I’ve been looking into various enterprise innovation programs to discover some of the secrets behind their market success.  In my searches, I came across a recent Global Innovation 1000 study by Booze & Company that found the top 10 Most Innovative companies outperformed the top R&D Spenders in several key financial metrics by a significant ... Read More »

Virtual Collaboration & Investing in STEM: A Conversation with Microsoft’s Adam Hecktman

Virtual Collaboration & Investing in STEM: A Conversation with Microsoft’s Adam Hecktman

I had the good fortune to recently meet Adam Hecktman, Director of the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) in Chicago.  Adam was kind enough to give me a tour of the Chicago MTC and sit down with me to discuss what he sees happening as enterprises learn to become more pervasively connected through virtual collaboration tools.  He also shared a few highlights ... Read More »

iMediaSpot: QuickSnap Facebook App – Let’s You Create ‘Moody’ Video Mashups


Think you have to be a brilliant YouTube artist to create compelling social video content?  Thanks to the developers from SnapCuts, your next video mashup message is just a point and click away. What it is: New Facebook video app that allows ‘snapping’ together a series of TV/movie and other pre-made ‘mood’ event clips to share via Facebook or your ... Read More »

Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks


It’s a case of the old familiar.  Think back to the late 1990s – the Web 1.0 dawn before eCommerce saw everyone trying to stuff their print brochure onto the web = we ended up with brochureware.  Web 2.0 hasn’t been any different in my view – now, most brands are trying to stuff their websites into Facebook and e-mail ... Read More »



By it’s very definition – the term reboot means to literally shut down and re-start.  The concept may have been popularized by the personal computing age but the behavioral underpinnings have long been a part of human culture.  Whether it’s re-decorating your house, re-starting your career or re-locating to another city – life is a series of reboots, sometimes intentionally ... Read More »