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iMediaSpot: QuickSnap Facebook App – Let’s You Create ‘Moody’ Video Mashups

Think you have to be a brilliant YouTube artist to create compelling social video content?  Thanks to the developers from SnapCuts, your next video mashup message is just a point and click away.

What it is: New Facebook video app that allows ‘snapping’ together a series of TV/movie and other pre-made ‘mood’ event clips to share via Facebook or your iPhone.  The current library of pre-made clips harkens to the early-Evite template days – which you may recall where a bit plasticky reminiscent of the movie “Pleasantville”, however, hopefully SnapCuts’ content offerings will improve with use and access to copyrighted materials.

Why it’s smart: Elevates personal messaging with simple rich video media elements, which users find increasingly hard to pass up.  According to Pew Internet Project, online daily video viewing has risen to 28% of U.S. adults in 2011, up from 8% in 2006.

What’s the potential for marketers & brands:

  • Fresh Consumer Insights – Talk about a window into the soul – the ability to see into consumer ‘mood states’ and the emotional connections they assign to certain pieces of media content offers marketers unique 1:1 psychological and behavioral perspectives that can be used to build some pretty sophisticated shopper profiles.
  • Content Engagement to Purchase – Becomes a ripe means to feed and curate different mixes of transmedia style content amongst mood-based affinity consumer groups that contextualize products and services for consideration and purchase in the moment.  e.g. bad week at the office = girl’s getaway spa weekend at a nearby resort; with clickable promotional offer with flight search based on your locality.

The role of video in purchasing continues to grow and should be one of the top media engagement focus areas for B2C and B2B brands alike – be sure to check out some of the more recent stats collected by the folks at Invodo.

Props to Will McGrouther, CEO of ExecutiveRecruitingLA, for his initial spot and write-up of QuickSnap on AllFacebook.

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