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iMediaSpot: Bazaart iPad App – Turns Your Pins into Personalized Shopping Catalog

Remember the days of making magazine picture collages of the people, places and things that inspired you or were on your holiday wish list?  Now you can put away your scissors and glue sticks, with the snazzy new shoppable catalog ala look book creation tool courtesy of Bazaart.

Make personalized look books from your Pinterest pins on your iPad

What it is: iPad app that allows fashionistas and their fans to transform their clothing, accessory and other Pinterest pin collections into a personalized virtual look book.  Viewers can also click on individual items within the look book and go directly to their original source online for purchase.

Why it’s smart: Empowers enthusiasts and curators with a slick tool to publish their point of view and the consumers who follow them instant shopping gratification with one click.  Pinning has quickly become an addiction – the average number of pins for popular Pinterest Pinners is 2,708, across 34 boards.  The Top 10 Pinners currently maintain between 4.2 million and 10.4 million followers according to Pinterest stats tracker RePinly.

What’s the potential for marketers & brands:

  • Inventory and Promotion Optimization – Keep those physical and virtual shelves brimming with the most popular pinned items and monitor for click-through traffic.  Align paid and other earned media efforts around the top look books and feature them on your eCommerce platforms.
  • Inspirational Gifting Platform – No need to send that letter to the North Pole – Santa, his elves and anyone else can now directly access your customer’s personal catalog of dreams and buy them exactly what they want.  No more lame clothes from Grandma or suffering from Aunt So-and-So’s tendency to purchase things from what was a person’s childhood favorite store.  Perhaps there is a decent chance to help your customers avoid those annoying return lines post holiday and instead keep them pinning and shopping in the comfort of their homes.

Social content will continue to drive purchasing behavior with its value expected to double over the next five years, according to a recent study conducted by eBay UK and retail experts at Conlumino.  The study also found 40 per cent of shoppers admit to making a purchase following what they have seen on social media.  Curation tools help customers make up their minds when they’re looking to buy something and brands can play a big role by promoting the curators that use them.

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