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iMedi8: Inside Social TV

This month’s edition of iMedi8 features eight informative posts covering recent trends around the growth of social television also known as connected television.  Social television is a general term for technology that supports communication and social interaction in either the context of watching television, or related to TV content.  It was named one of the ten most important emerging technologies by MIT Technology Review back in 2010 and fast forward to 2013, Nielsen is now measuring Twitter chatter about TV shows, with Facebook also getting in on the new digital water cooler action.  Check out the links below to learn more about where social tv is heading and the emerging opportunities it will create for brands.

Connected TVs Reach 1 in 4 Homes via eMarketer

Nearly a quarter of all US households currently have and use connected TV, and by the end of 2013 that percentage will approach three in 10.  The proportion of those with smart TVs—television sets with a built-in internet connection—is significantly lower, but growth prospects are good.

Don’t Overlook The Potential Of Connected TV Advertising by Bill Shield, Specific Media

Excellent commentary on the near-term opportunities and current challenges presented by Connected TV platforms.  Includes observations on consumers’ approach to digital viewing and how shifting attitudes toward online video and the rise of smart TVs combine to create a new market for advertisers to reach potential customers.

Two-Thirds of Consumers Want TV Commerce via

The report finds a strong consumer appetite for buying products directly from commercials as well as products tied into their favorite programming.

2014: The Year of Social TV by Marko Mueller, ClickZ

Great roundup of some of the recent announcements and brand executions that are heralding the arrival and impact of social tv on consumers and marketers alike.

Nielsen Starts Measuring Twitter TV Ratings by Seth Fiegerman, Mashable

The author takes an early look at the new ratings data through the lens of Breaking Bad, one of today’s most popular cable programs.

Facebook Adds TV Partners Overseas by Reed Albergotti, Wall Street Journal blog

The author discusses the scope of Facebook’s international partnership and implications for advertisers.

TV Goes Social: The Rise of the Second Screen via

Infographic lays out key drivers, main activities & habits of social/connected tv viewers.

The State of #SocialTV and the #SecondScreen by Shayna Blumenthal

Excellent overview of the industry players and includes a few helpful case studies.

As marketers begin to scale their digital programs, they will need to start thinking about socialTV as a key element of their channel mix.  More than just the placement of ads, the integration of products and services enabled through multi-device commerce will become strategically important in the race for consumer shopping dominance.  Showrooming at the big box could one day be showrooming on the big screen from the comfort of your couch.  I can just hear Don Draper now:

“The reason you haven’t felt it is because it doesn’t exist. What you call love was invented by guys like me, to sell nylons.”

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