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iMedi8: Inside Gamification

This month’s edition of iMedi8 features eight great finds covering recent trends happening within the world of gamification.  With analysts claiming that gamification will be in 25% of redesigned business processes by 2015, how are marketers preparing themselves to capitalize appropriately on the fun, play, transparency, design and challenge games can offer to the achievement of their business objectives?  Some early gamification forays show promise in acquisition, commerce, retention & loyalty.

The Engagement Economy: How Gamification is Reshaping Business by Deloitte

Comprehensive white paper on the drivers, best practices and watch-outs for applying gamification to business.

The Gamification of Business by Brian Burke, Gartner

Gartner analyst’s take on the hype, readiness and critical success factors for gamification to take hold in the business realm.

Gamification: The Hard Truths by Gabe Zichermann

The speaker & author of ‘Gamification Revolution’ shares his viewpoint on the recent achievement and failures within the gamification industry and offers sound advice for marketers.

Gamification in 2012: Trends in Consumer and Enterprise Markets by M2 Research

Good synopsis of gamification market and growth trends along with capability profiles of key vendors.

PSFK’s Future of Gaming Report

You can access a presentation summary of the report which outlines how brands and non-profit communities are building engagement through gamification.

6 Interesting Examples of Gamification in eCommerce via Econsultancy

Examples from Teleflora, Dropbox, Nike, Jillian Michaels, etc. illustrate how brands can use an online game to drive awareness of its new product range and encourage referrals.

A Gamified Cloud in 2013 via Cisco’s Technology News Site ‘The Network’

A look at where gamification is headed and how large enterprise companies are using the trend to engage employees and customers.

Gamification Becomes the Norm: 7 Ways to Gamify Your Business by Engine Yard

Good summary of gamification’s recent growth trends and application examples from various analyst and provider sources – includes an infographic.

It will be interesting to see how gamification unfolds over the next 18-24 months – will the hype predictions prove to be true or can the industry’s convictions about its engagement power prevail?

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