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iMedi8: Inside Emerging Commerce

This month’s edition of iMedi8 features eight great finds covering recent trends happening within mobile, social and other emerging forms of commerce.  From Facebook Gift Cards integration with brick & mortar and Pinterest in mom’s grocery shopping carts, to Amex enabled Tweet purchases and Foursquare expansion of credit card specials – eCommerce as we know it is poised for rapid change. Check out some of the infographics on mobile and social commerce trends.

Understanding the Mobile Shopper in 2013 by Intela

The uptake for m-commerce in the UK and the US is gathering pace at a significant rate, according to marketing analyst Intela, whose new infographic delves into our mobile purchasing habits.

Tablets Could – And Should – Be Driving Even More Of The ‘M-Commerce’ Charge by Media Post Mobile Insider

A look at the rapid shift from m to t-commerce

Social Commerce Trends 2013 by 8th Bridge

Nice graphic rundown on the leading social retailers and most popular means for integrating social shopping features into their eCommerce sites.

Mobile and Social Grab Spots in Moms’ Grocery Carts by eMarketer

Mobile food apps and social platforms like Pinterest are affecting mealtime more than ever before.  For meal inspiration and menu planning, female grocery shoppers are they are often making decisions while using their smartphones in the shopping aisle and consulting social sites like Pinterest before even leaving for the store.

The Facebook Card Lets You Use Social “Gifts” As Credit At Real-Life Stores by Christina Chaey via Fast Company

Social meets brick-and-mortar: The Facebook Card lets you load gift card amounts for multiple stores onto one reusable card.  Jamba Juice, Olive Garden, Sephora, and Target are reportedly on board.

AmEx Makes Buying as Easy as Tweeting by Rakesh Agrawal via Venture Beat

Purchase in 140 characters? Cardholders can now sync their American Express card to their Twitter account, provide shipping information once, and then tweet to make select purchases.

Start Saving Money with New Seamless Foursquare Specials for Your Credit Card via The  Foursquare Blog

Foursquare is working with First Data and Cardspring to expand their seamless credit card specials to Visa, Mastercard, and debit cards. And to kick things off, they’ve partnered with Burger King to bring you specials at their over 6,500 locations across the U.S.

Commerce Weekly: Google Targets Amazon’s Shopping Platform by Jenn Webb of O’Reilly Radar

Very good op ed on the battle between Amazon (who wants to be considered a commerce search engine) and Google (who is slowly trying to evolve into a search-enabled marketplace).  Also good piece on how Facebook is becoming poised to turn into a “mobile shopping and sales device.”

Not much talk this time around about Facebook commerce – it will be interesting to see whether Facebook’s recent efforts in mobile advertising, data and graph search lead consumers to engage in direct social payments on what could become the world’s biggest shopping mall.

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