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iMedi8: Inside Augmented Reality

This month’s edition of iMedi8 features eight interesting posts covering recent trends around the use of augmented reality.  According to Juniper Research, AR applications are expected to generate close to $300 million in revenues globally in 2013.  Yet, a recent survey by BiTE Interactive revealed that 38% of people say they would not buy or wear Google Glass even if it were priced within their budget.  Regardless of the debate, device makers, software companies and brands continue to experiment and discover new everyday uses for augmented reality technology.

5 reasons to get excited about Augmented Reality in 2013 via Venture Beat

Guest analyst describes trends behind growing brand adoption of augmented reality technologies.

Google Glass in Everyday Life by Liz Gannes, AllThingsD

Features a video by Google staffers demonstrating 20 everyday searches that can be done using Glass. From weather and directions, to translations and pop culture research – Glass seems like the next evolution of Apple iPhone’s Siri.

4 Ways Augmented Reality Will Invade Your Life by Rachel Feltman, Yahoo! Finance

Article highlights interesting examples of how AR will play a role in education, entertainment, life hacking and advertising.

eNCA Tech Report: Augmented Reality Special

South African Tech Report does a nice job in this video overviewing all of the coming uses of Augmented Reality, with highlights on how AR is starting to be integrated in news media – ironically breathing new life into old traditional channels.

Augmented Reality Provides Unique Social Interactions by Chantal Tode, Mobile Commerce Daily

Interview with Walmart executive, Brent Duwe, on their forays into augmented reality apps and what they have learned from their early trials.

The Age of Augmented Reality by Fresh Digital Group

Slideshare presentation contains some good stats on how AR is currently being used along with its potential future uses.  Includes examples across market segments and 5 best practices for implementation.

The Impending Social Consequences of Augmented Reality by John Havens, Mashable

Mashable analyst debates the potential uses of augmented reality technology against the privacy pitfalls and culture quandaries they create.

TOP 20 Augmented Reality Apps for Android and iPhone/iPad Users via Deep Know How

Very cool list of mobile apps incorporating AR technology that range from navigation aids and gaming to crime monitoring and furniture shopping.

My sense is it will take a few more generations of smartphones and wearable devices before AR truly catches on in the consumer mainstream.  As with any new emerging channel, brands are wise to begin exploring the possibilities of augmented reality by focusing on the everyday utility it can offer to their customers.  I can see big near-term potential in travel, real estate, home furnishing and home improvement markets.  What about you?  Any industries outside of gaming/entertainment that you think are poised to take off with AR in the next six to twelve months?

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