Thursday , May 23 2019
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Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

It’s a case of the old familiar.  Think back to the late 1990s – the Web 1.0 dawn before eCommerce saw everyone trying to stuff their print brochure onto the web = we ended up with brochureware.  Web 2.0 hasn’t been any different in my view – now, most brands are trying to stuff their websites into Facebook and e-mail into Twitter.  Many still fail at the same core 3 things:

Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Sorry, pooch – your old tricks don’t work here. Photo Source Joyful Support

  • contextuality – taking true advantage of the when, where and what of the consumer’s last social and mobile moment
  • intimacy – aggregating the SoLoMo behavioral footprint of a consumer along with their network to derive lifestyle-driven profile insights
  • scalability – wash, rinse, repeat of brand engagement that keeps em coming    back for more because you become an intrinsic part of their daily lives, not some awkward interruption or ancillary advertising popup

Now Web 3.0 is knocking at our doors.  The promise of Big Data seems pretty enticing,  if you can harness it and deliver a truly semantic brand we experience.  I’m willing to  bet, whoever masters contextuality, intimacy and scalability will come out on top with sCommerce.  Any takers?

About Michelle Batten

Michelle Batten is a seasoned digital marketing & advertising leader. She has spent two decades in the interactive arena, working with Fortune 1000 brands + start-ups to define and execute their digital initiatives. An emerging media visionary, Michelle is currently serving as Head of Global Marketing for Mobile & Innovation Intrapreneur for Amadeus, a global travel technology company. She is also the President for the Chicago American Marketing Association. Her passions include culture + tech evolution, mentoring, experiential travel and foodspotting.

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